Alfred alone hires

 Alfred Z. Turtle here.

I help Pipsie solve mysteries.

I’m good at finding clues close to the ground. Or ones that you can eat. I love to eat. Especially peanut butter and jelly.

I met Pipsie down at the pond. As sure as the shell on my back, I knew we’d become best friends!

Pipsie gives me rides on her skateboard. I like standing in front. That way the wind blows through your shell. It’s AMAZING. If you had a shell, you’d know what I mean.

Here’s a detective tip for you. If you want to solve mysteries, you have to move fast.
I move s-l-o-w-l-y. Because that’s how turtles move fast. That’s why I have a scooter.

Now I have a secret for you. Want to know what the ‘Z’ stands for in Alfred Z. Turtle? It stands for ZOOM! – so step back when you see me on my scooter!

Gotta go. Pipsie’s calling me.

Wait. Is that a sandwich you’re holding?

It is?

I think I’ll stay.

Can I have a bite?