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  Hi! My name is Pipsie. 

            Want to hear what I LOVE?
             I love dragonflies, oceans, and tall, tall trees. And caterpillars, waterfalls, and sparkly rainbows. And forests and beaches and…EVERYTHING in nature!

And I LOVE solving mysteries.

That’s why I’m a nature detective!

See what’s in my hand? That’s my magnifying glass. I don’t go anywhere without it. Because you never know when a mystery is going to pop up. Just ask Alfred Z. Turtle. I don’t go anywhere without him either. He helps me search for clues. And he’s my best friend.

“No nature mystery is too hard to crack!” That’s what I always tell Alfred.

Never give up! Never give in!” That’s what I tell him when things get tough.

And “Alfred, don’t eat that!” That’s what I tell him when he gets hungry. And that’s all the time!

My favorite room is my bedroom. I have a bee hive lamp shade. Flowers on my desk. Squirrels on my rug. And I have bunny slippers. My room is awesome. My other favorite place is my Detective Tree House. That’s where I keep all my detective tools. It’s SUPER awesome!

Okay. Time to go. I have to get Alfred. We have a new mystery to solve.

Here’s what I tell Alfred when we start a new case.

“Time to make another mystery history!”